Vegetation Mapping, Cape Byron State Conservation Area

Client: Cape Byron Trust & NSW National Parks and Wildlife Service
Location: Cape Byron State Recreation Area (Headland Reserve)

Wildsite carried out a survey of the vegetation of Cape Byron SRA to provide vegetation maps for fire planning and general vegetation management.  Initial vegetation typing was prepared using aerial photograph interpretation.  Extensive field survey collected detailed floristic and structural data for each vegetation type, while environmental data including slope, elevation, aspect and field geology and morphology were also recorded.

The vegetation was classified into 28 vegetation communities and more than 560 species from all major vascular flora groups were collected and identified.  The survey produced several new significant records including new threatened species records and the rediscovery of a species thought to be regionally extinct.

The vegetation boundaries were digitised with the assistance of the NSW National parks and Wildlife Service GIS Unit, and a final dataset was produced in ARCGIS. The mapping provides a valuable tool for vegetation management and environmental impact assessment on the SCA.

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