Visual Resource Assessment, Byron Shire Local Government Area

Client: Byron Shire Council
Location: Byron Shire

As part of the Byron Shire Coastline Values Study, Wildsite prepared assessments of the Shire’s visual, recreational and cultural resources.  Wildsite, in conjunction with Byron Shire Council’s GIS division, undertook viewshed modelling to assess and prioritise the visual resources of Byron Shire as viewed from the coastline.

The analysis combined a multilayered classification of the Shire’s landcover, coastal observation points (frequency and social importance) and relative viewing distance.  A viewshed analysis was then performed on the composite map of landscape setting, public sensitivity and distance using elevation data.

The final analysis results provided a visual overview of landscape resources enabling the identification of visual sensitivity zones across the Shire, while also providing a powerful mechanism for indicating the visual importance of individual land parcels subject to development applications.

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