Bushfire Risk



Bushfire Risk Assessment and Planning

Wildsite can undertake comprehensive bushfire management plans and hazard assessments for developments within bushfire-prone areas.  We can provide advice on the layout and design of your site to improve bushfire safety, and to help meet stringent legislative requirements.  

Our rapid site assessment techniques ensure a cost effective assessment of potential bushfire risk through analysis of vegetation and litter fuel loads, slope characteristics and general site layout.  From this assessment, Wildsite can determine the minimum building setbacks, site access and the level of construction required for bushfire-safety.

With specialised expertise in vegetation management we can develop solutions for the long term management of any vegetation retained on the site and provide a detailed schedule of works outlining the timing, season and frequency of management activities.

Specifically, Wildsite can provide the following bushfire risk assessment and bushfire safety planning services:

  • Bushfire Risk Assessments

  • Vegetation analysis and fuel loading calculations

  • Site slope assessment

  • Bushfire behaviour modelling

  • Bushfire Management Plans

  • Site layout and design

  • GIS analysis and mapping of building setbacks and Asset Protection Zones

  • Vegetation management for Asset Protection Zones and retained vegetation



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