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Geographic Information Systems Mapping & Analysis

Relative Landscape Significance - Byron Shire Coastlaine Values StudyWildsite has an in-house Geographic Information System (ARCGIS) for mapping and analysis of natural resources.  Our GIS capabilities are an integral component of many projects and we use the most up to date GIS and Global Positioning System (GPS) technology. 

Wildsite can digitise and georeference your existing maps, plans and aerial photographs and collect additional data using GPS in the field.  Additionally, Wildsite can arrange the purchase and licensing of specialised data from government departments and private suppliers for analysis and map production. 

Our capabilities include detailed spatial analysis of environmental data including species and vegetation distribution modelling, environmental impact assessment and identification of management priorities. 

Furthermore, Wildsite can produce detailed thematic maps providing a powerful tool for the visualisation of complex data.

Specifically our spatial analysis and mapping capabilities include:

  • Global positioning system (GPS) collection of field data 

  • Digitising and georeferencing of existing maps, plans and aerial photographs

  • Interpretation of aerial photography and satellite imagery

  • Spatial analysis of data

  • Thematic mapping, including species distribution, bushland condition and vegetation mapping

Case Study

Visual Resource Assessment, Byron Shire Local Government Area


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