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Restoration Ecology and Bush Regeneration

Wildsite can provide you with expert advice on the restoration of indigenous plant communities.  The principle of Wildsite has over 10 years experience in regeneration and bushland management in a diverse range of vegetation communities along the NSW coast. 

Our capabilities include the identification and documentation of threats and issues, including environmental weed survey and monitoring, and vegetation condition assessment and mapping.  We are able to provide practical and strategic advice on the treatment of environmental weeds and the regeneration and reconstruction of degraded vegetation.  

We can also provide specialist advice on issues relating to threatened species including the amelioration of threats, and the restoration of threatened speciesí critical habitat and endangered ecological communities.

Specifically our skills include:

  • Environmental weed survey and distribution mapping

  • Monitoring and management of environmental weeds

  • Bushland condition mapping 

  • Bush regeneration

  • Development of regeneration and revegetation plans

  • Monitoring of regeneration and revegetation projects

  • Management and restoration of threatened species habitat

Case Study

Habitat Restoration Program, Cape Byron State Recreation Area


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