Ecological Restoration Plans: endangered Byron Clay Heathland

Wildsite was engaged by the NSW National Parks and Wildlife Service (NPWS) and Byron Shire Council to prepare Ecological Restoration Plans for the entire known extent of the Byron Bay Dwarf Graminoid Clay Heathland, an endangered ecological community (EEC).

The extroardinary ecological values of the EEC remnants are affected by a range of threatening processes, including encroachment by forest vegetation, environmental weeds, fire exclusion, stormwater pollution, erosion and visitor pressures.

Together the two Plans cover all tenures occupied by the EEC and outline:

    • an integrated, long-term and strategic approach to the restoration of the community’s ecological values
    • specific ecological restoration and management activities
    • a framework for ongoing monitoring, contingency planning and adaptive management.

Mantis fly in the endangered Byron Bay Graminoid Clay Heath