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Wildsite Ecological Services is the regional leader in ecological fire management and restoration, and has expertise in a wide range of related fields, including vegetation management and restoration, environmental impact assessment, ecological research and monitoring, and education and training.  Our core services are outlined below.

Cultural burn, Ngulingah Nimbin Rocks Rangers, Broken Head.
Ecological Fire Management

We are the regional leaders in managing and restoring ecological fire and can develop fire programs that integrate cultural burning and bushfire hazard reduction.

Dry sclerophyll forest, Koonyum Range
Vegetation Management & Restoration

We are pioneering experts in the management and restoration of fire-dependent open ecosystems, including Eucalypt forests, Paperbark forests and heathlands.

Lace Monitor, Deua River National Park
Ecological Survey & Research

We specialise in targeted flora survey and vegetation mapping and can deliver monitoring and ecological research programs to address a diverse range of ecological issues.

Review of Environmental Factors (REF) - Prescribed Burn Programs
Environmental Impact Assessment 

We can help you to efficiently and expertly navigate the environmental assessment and approval process for your natural area projects.

Good FIre Workshop, Koonyum Range (Photo:Julie Ryan)
Education & Training

We excel at making complex ideas easy to understand and can provide a range of solutions focused on fire ecology and habitat restoration, including structured professional training, interpretive signage and community workshops.

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