Ecological Fire Management

Ecological Fire Management

Wildsite is the regional leader in ecological fire management and the restoration and management of fire-dependent eucalypt forest, paperbark wetlands, heathlands and grasslands. With specialised expertise in ecological fire management we can develop solutions for the long-term management of appropriate fire regimes and provide a detailed schedule of works outlining the timing, season and frequency of fire management activities.

Wildsite also collaborates with leading cultural fire practitioners and knowledge holders to develop projects with indigenous involvement in planning and implementation. Wildsite also has strong working relationships with fire management agencies (NPWS, RFS, Fire & Rescue), private fire contractors and the Biodiveristy Conservation Trust to help streamline planning, approvals and implementation.

Specifically, Wildsite can provide the following ecological fire management services:

    • Assessment of habitat condition and key fire & biodiversity issues
    • Identification and protection of fire-sensitive assets (biodiversity, cultural and built)
    • GIS analysis and mapping of fire history, altered fire regimes and recommended fire intervals
    • Develop ecological burn programs which integrate cultural burns and deliver hazard reduction benefits
    • Connection to fire practitioners to implement your burn program
    • Environmental impact assessment and approval advice for ecological burns

Ecological Cultural Burn at Broken Head

Recent Projects

Good Fire Restoration Plan
Good Fire Restoration Plan Template

The restoration of fire regimes is a re-emerging aspect of land management in the region, and this template provides managers with a targeted and consistent approach for assessing and remediating altered fire regime issues with strong consideration of ecological and Aboriginal cultural perspectives.

Ballina Koala Fire Management Plan
Koala Fire Management Plan – Ballina Shire

Regular fire is a natural process in koala habitat, however, changed fire regimes are a major threat to koala populations in Ballina Shire. The Koala Fire Management Plan outlines several management strategies, including ecological and Aboriginal cultural burns, integrated fire planning, community education and monitoring.

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