Education & Training

Education & Training

We love to share our passion for the natural world and pride ourselves on helping others to better understand the complexities of nature. We help build the skills required to manage the environment through structured courses, workshops and educational materials. From field days to professional training, we and our partners can deliver formal or informal sessions to increase your knowledge and skills for managing natural landscapes. We can produce customised publications to help guide understanding and management of the environment.


We use a combination of classroom and field sessions to give a quality practical training experience backed by the latest ecological theory.

We can help you produce educational resources for community education and capacity building, including fact sheets and guidelines relating to fire ecology, habitat restoration and vegetation management. We can also provide your organisation with specialised written content and photographs for public-facing strategies, plans and guidelines.


We can help deliver workshops and field days to introduce people to new ideas and pass on skills and information.


We can design natural-area interpretive signage to raise community awareness and encourage behavioural change.

Ecological-cultural burn Broken Head, Byron Shire

Recent Projects

Fire & Biodiversity Management Plan

Expert Presentation – Australian Association of Bush Regenerators

A presentation on the use of reference ecosystems in ecological restoration to the AABR AGM 2022

Fire & Biodiversity Management Plan

Expert written content & professional photography –  Byron Biodiversity Conservation Strategy

Fire & Biodiversity Management Plan

Interpretive Signage – Byron Clay Heath


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